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These people couldn't resist e-mailing their comments about the Frankenstein Files!  If you like the CD, contact the Frankenstein Files and we will put up your review for everyone in the world to see that you are a true Frankenstein Files fan!  Kids, parents, adults, or monsters alike, send them in!  


Even if you don't have little monsters in your house, if you have a multi disc player, put this in with your Sisters Of Mercy, Blitzkid, Necrophagia, and Samhain CDs next Halloween and hit "random". I guarantee, your friends will love it. . . or they'll think you've lost it, either way.   Read FULL REVIEW at UROTSUKIDOJI'S PAD


This CD really has something for everyone. Some of the standouts of this disk are definitely "SKAunted House," "Skeleton Crew," and the 50’s greaser track, "The Bride of Frankenstein ’59."   Read FULL REVIEW by Eric Blair.

The Frankenstein files was a pleasant experience to the ears. I enjoyed listening to this album immensely. Three songs which linger sweetly in my head are Transylvania Swing, Reggae Mortis and Big Foot Blues. This album definitely represents fresh Canadian Talent with a comic twist and I hope to hear more from this eclectic artist.

Dan H. in Montreal.

WOW! My husband listened to it as well and said it represents for him, Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Grease. Said it would make a great musical. Lula

I love your new CD! There isn't a song I don't like.  My favourite song is Transylvania Swing, but really all of them are my favourites! This Hallowe'en my dad and I are going to set up speakers so we can play your CD while we are handing out candy. I kept trying to crack the case, but now I don't think I'm a good detective because my dad had to help me, he told me a couple of clues.  Best of luck. 

Sincerely, Keara

PS: whenever I hear the Transylvania Swing, I just gotta dance! I have even worked up a routine for it.