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File Number 2. Transylvania Swing
It was close to midnight, an unnamed client hired me to tail the beautiful and melancholic, Mina Harker (aka Drac's girl) back to a mysterious castle in Transylvania. She was looking pale and alluring. As the clock struck midnight, she exited from her cold and luxurious room, and went down into the Great Hall where she was greeted by Count Dracula on his harpsichord.

I stayed in my castle room alone
One night I heard strange sounds below
I peered into Dracula's Great Hall
And saw a crowd of monsters having a ball

With the Mummy on the trumpet
Frankie on the drums
Dracula on the harpsichord
While the Invisible Man just hums

The clock strikes midnight
The mystery guest arrives
It's the Bride of Frankenstein
In her emerald dress and wild hairdo
She creeps up to the mike to sing
"It don't mean a thing without that Transylvania Swing"

Let's do the Tran-sl thing, the Transylvania Swing
Back in the castle, it ain't no hassle
Let's do the Tran-sl thing, the Transylvania Swing
It makes me quiver, shake and shiver

The big band plays until sunrise
All the monsters must go and hide
The band leader Drac sleeps all day
At sundown the monsters return to play


Goodbye, and come back to my castle again.