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The Frankenstein Files CD cover

official 2003 press release: PDF (Acrobat)

The Frankenstein Files CD is a catchy Halloween CD for children released by Neeka Records.  The 17 tracks are in different musical styles and feature both female and male vocals.  The world's most famous monster detective, Frank N. Stein, from Transylvania introduces each song as one of his best cases known as the Frankenstein Files.   This commercial CD includes lyrics and introductions by Frank N. Stein to each song.  There is also a hidden mystery for your kids to solve.  Don't be surprised to hear some snippets of Mozart, Mendelssohn, or Schumann here and there.  Maybe even a bit of Brahms. You'll have to be sharp to find that!  There is also no shortage of jazz, blues, 50s, zydeco, cowboy, 80s, reggae, or ska!  This is a fun CD and your kids will love it! You can even take the Monster Quiz to test your knowledge of the CD.


PF among the leavesThis was a scary photo taken of me!  If you want to know more,  here is my personal ukulele site.   Achtung! I do have a degree in German Literature.  Come on,  let's get serious now, it's time I spilled the beans on this wonderful musical project. This is a Halloween Music CD that mixes many musical styles with funny themes.  I composed the original songs over a number of years to fulfill an inspired idea of doing a new Halloween CD for kids.  I grew up in the 1970s on humorous monster trading cards, old B films, Abbott and Costello rerun scary movie classics, and a giant moon monster poster I ordered from a comic book.  I also started reading Sherlock Holmes "The Red Headed League" in Grade 7 and the detective bug had bitten for life!  So in around in 2000, the idea came to me to combine funny songs with "a monster" detective, none other than Frank N. Stein! 

Peter Forrest BIO: Acrobat PDF









Veronica CharnleyAs a headliner on the CD, she sang in the following songs:  Transylvania Swing, Thirteen Frights of Halloween, Vampire Bat, Creature from the Catfish Lagoon, Spider Cave, The Bride of Frankenstein '59, She Haunts Me, and SKAunted House.  She is a serious &  fun vocalist, actor, and a gem of a nice person!  

Besides just singing on the CD, she coached all vocal performances in the songs.  She has a BFA degree in Music from Concordia University, Montreal.

 Go to her website to indulge yourself in her talents. 


Steve Johnston, president/founder of Ably Productions undertook the CD design of the Frankenstein Files himself.  His artistic vision helped influence and mature the final Frankenstein Files product with the new Frank N. Stein design and introductions. 


Why was the CD named the Frankenstein Files
When the Frankenstein monster broke down the recording studio door, we knew we had to appease the beast.

Do you play live
We were offered a gig at Dracula's castle but the stakes were too high!

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label
Only if our "Mummy" lets us.


Composed, arranged, and produced by: Peter Forrest for Neeka Records (March 2003)
Performers: Veronica Charnley, Peter Forrest
Engineered and mastered by Ehrich Weiss
Released on Neeka Records.
Recorded at Billings Bridge Cemetery Studios, Ottawa Canada
CD design by ABLY Productions: Steve Johnston
Thanks to all those who loved the initial release of the Frankenstein Files 
and wanted to see it commercially released.
Additional credits to: Finale scoring software, Cakewalk & Microsoft.