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Frank's blue filing cabinet

"Whenever I hear the Transylvania Swing, I just gotta dance!"  Keara  

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Grease..."  Claude

      The Frankenstein Files CD cover      

candle burning Great news!  NYC's renaissance gothic artist "Voltaire" has covered a fab. version
 of Reggae Mortis from the Frankenstein Files.   We love this guy!


The Frankenstein Files is a catchy Halloween music CD for children.   Listen as the world's most famous monster detective, Frank N. Stein introduces his best cases known as The Frankenstein Files.  From his Transylvania office, Frank N. Stein unearths 17 scary fun tunes.  Halloween music will never be the same!

If you are already a Frankenstein Files fan, take the Monster Quiz to test your knowledge of Frank N. Stein's cases.

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